Quadro graphics card for mac pro

The Quadro driver installation went as smoothly as you could expect given Apple's limitations.

OS X requires drivers for cards to support drawing to the screen, so you have to install the driver for the card before you pop it into your system. This means that if you have to boot off of a This is pretty embarrassing for Apple, a company that's partly responsible for making "plug-and-play" sound as dated as it does.

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The Quadro is an energy-efficient card that lacks the bandwidth of faster gaming cards, but I couldn't notice much difference in OS X, Photoshop CS5, and other general use apps after using the Radeon The card is quiet, but not as quiet as the This is probably due to the single-slot profile, which could force the fan to spin faster to get the same amount of cooling as a slower double-height card's fan. It's not noisy by any means—the is just exceptionally quiet.

About graphics-card compatibility between Mac Pro models

Even when running both cards in the one Mac Pro, you can still call it a quiet system. All tests for this review were done using the one card, so you can be sure any bugs mentioned aren't due to this setup.

If you're interested in how I did this mix of cards given the Mac Pro only having two power connectors on the motherboard, check out this page of my Mac Pro review. General support for the Quadro Mac edition is there, with hardware acceleration working with Quartz Extreme, Flash and Photoshop CS5, but it has a lot of issues that compound to make the experience less enjoyable. Like the GTX , the has a tendency to resync my displays often enough that it's annoying.

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  • However, unlike on Windows PCs, Apple controls the video drivers for all graphics card, so releasing a card requires signing a deal with Apple—something AMD or the previous developers of the boards under the FireGL brand, Diamond Multimedia, and then ATI and Apple haven't been able to agree on over the range's year history. You can put up to two Ks in a single Mac Pro.

    It'll be available as an add-on board and in new Mac Pros from specialist vendors, but not—we infer from the press release—from Apple itself.

    NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac Pro harnesses CUDA in OS X

    In the same conversation, Apple executives also announced they were working on a new Mac Pro, which we later learned wouldn't be launching until Well, we're just about midway through , and Apple still hasn't said a peep about the Mac Pro. Is it still coming out this year?

    What's it gonna look like? What kind of specs can we expect from it?

    Nvidia to release Quadro K graphic card for Mac Pro | Macworld

    How much will it cost? I asked a range of professionals, from developers to video producers, to get a better picture of what they want to see in the new Mac Pro and, needless to say, it's basically the exact opposite of the current "trash can" model. Despite its compact size, the two biggest complaints about the current Mac Pro is that its design greatly limits performance. During the roundtable with tech journalists in , Apple Senior Vice President of Software Craig Federighi said they designed themselves "into a bit of a thermal corner.

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    The challenge with designing the Mac Pro is figuring who its users are and what they'll need. Are they developers who create apps and need tons of RAM, but maybe not as much graphics performance?