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It works like a charm I've been using this sucessfully on 3 macs 1 Powerbook and 2 iMacs. Unfortunately 1 machine had to be wiped clean and I am reinstalling everything. I wanted to download StickiesSync but get an error message saying that the. Anybody know what's going on? Silently works as advertised, which solves the problem I needed solved. Some notes on setup and use would be helpful, though, to wit: 1. The tool doesn't do simultaneous updates--there doesn't appear to be any locking mechanism. If it's you, a work machine, and a home machine or two, that's great--exactly what you need at a great price free!

Just don't try updating stickies from 2 different machines at the same time. Installation is counter-intuitive in that the machine you're currently installing on updates stickies on all the previously-installed machines, rather than their content updating your local content. For "features", I'd like to see some control over how and what gets transferred, but for now, this is just what I needed, neither more nor less.

Jon, this looks like what I am looking for. I run a laptop when on the road but desktop at work.

Float Notes in the macOS Notes App to Keep Them Always On Top

However, my question is how this operates since Stickies dynamically overwrites the StickiesDatabase file every time you make a change. I don't understand how the "synced" copy will operate. If, for example, I make a change on the laptop, it is saved then synced. Now I go to work. Stickies is still open. But it won't have "intelligently" opened up the "new" database, will it? Does the sync facility require that I close and re-open Stickies all the time so that the synced copy is re-read?

If the sync script detects incoming changes while Stickies is open, it will quit Stickies, update the database, and reopen Stickies. Script keeps stopping and I have to keep hitting Resume. Real buggy as it works and doesn't work.


I make changes, sometimes they carry over and sometimes they don't. Sometimes I make a change on one machine and it'll revert back to how it was previously. Extremely unreliable. It would be nice to be able to work directly with the developer and get rid of the bugs, but no email's available. Also, no directions on how to do an actual sync is available. Are we supposed to pause Dropbox sync and then Resume Sync?

Float Notes in the macOS Notes App to Keep Them Always On Top

This app is not syncing for me. How do I uninstall it?

Using Mac Stickies (#1590)

To uninstall, download the latest version and run StickiesSync Setup. When prompted, choose "Change Settings" and then "Uninstall". However, it should work properly as of version 1. This program does not work with Mac OS I got as far as setting the app up on Mac 1 and telling it which directory to use for syncing in Dropbox.


Trying to match this setup on Mac 2, however, gave me a "network error", with no further instructions. Both computers are running the same version of the OS.

Simply does not work. If you use Evernote then having Stickies-like notes to sync is a good option. So, not bad for a few dollars. I like the option to pin a Sticky note to the screen which comes in handy when I need to refer to something while writing or working. My husband, Nathan, and I have used Macs for nearly 25 years. We're teachers at a private school in Chicago, IL. I'm also the school's resident Mac system administrator, PC troubleshooter, and a diehard Mac diva and iPhone hacker.

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