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News Home Archive By Category. Micromat unveils OS X automated diagnostic tool Checkmate. Micromat has released Checkmate, a new automated diagnostic software product for OS X. Checkmate runs when a Mac is typically idle and only runs tests during those times, stopping any time a user returns to the keyboard.

The company claims that it can identify hard drive, memory and file problems before symptoms become visible to users, allowing corrective measures can be taken to prevent data loss or hard drive failure. TAGS software Apple. Login Here. Not a member of the MacNN forums? More often than not the hard disk will just die on you with no warning.

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It's false security, but amazing the number of people who proclaim that "TechTool will protect me from data loss, so I don't keep backups. Because that's what it claims.

It protects you. Many people have told me I was lying and that "TechTool found many hard disk errors and repaired them for me" - when I checked the logs, it turns out their file directories were occasionally being corrupted, and TechTool would detect that damage. The Mac file system is a journaled file system that automatically repairs itself. If there are errors, they will be caused by bad blocks on your hard disk. It was masking the problem by finding corrupted files, rebuilding them then copying them to a new part of the disk.

It did nothing to detect the disk errors, or try to repair them by re-mapping the faulty sectors.

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Huge post by someone who clearly doesn't like the product. I never represented this as a miracle cure and you seem to be honing down on one particular function of the tool. I think we'd agree that its usually overpriced, but thats partly why I shared this deal. Its also a quick and easy way to check memory for those without access to ASD or other internal tools. I think pinning some of the limitations of S. I wasn't negging the deal as such, but the product which promises so much but delivers so little.

BTW I wasn't the one who negged your comment above, as I welcome proper criticism. I agree with you in a case where a computer has been improperly powered down, TTP can occasionally help by repairing volume damage. DiskWarrior can do the same though, and doesn't promise the world. However, I had two clients who lost entire hard disks after they used TTP to try to rebuild their corrupted volumes, but the volumes were corrupted due to bad blocks on the hard disks which TTP failed to detect.

What to do about a failing hard drive

So after it tried to transfer the repaired volume directory to the bad blocks, the hard disks crashed again. They would have been better off without it. But I was typing on my mobile before and wanted to quickly write a post to hopefully warn people about the dangers of relying on this product to do what it says, and so they can do their own research before purchasing. I don't like when products are inherently broken and have been for years.


I did email Micromat years ago describing the issues, and even offered to post them some of my known-faulty hard disks that tested as OK with TTP to help improve their product. But their response I don't have access to it unfortunatey as it was on an old work email was that very few people had complained about it before. Therefore not an issue. Followed by some marketing spiel about 'always striving to improve their products'.

Yet it's still not fixed. You mention quick and easy memory checks - but memory checks done with TTP are not to be trusted as they run AFTER the operating system starts up, meaning any memory that's being used by the OS is not accessible to test. In two of those cases, after swapping memory modules from bank 1 to bank 2 then testing again TTP eventually detected the bad one, but the other was a laptop with one memory socket so that wasn't possible.

Testing the memory module in another computer detected the problem immediately, but TTP said it was fine when tested on the original laptop. I'm not complaining about the limitations of S. This implies it will detect if your hard disk is about to fail. It will detect known problems, but it has no way of detecting impending failure. TTP also will not fix Windows hard disks, which many people use - think nearly everything without an Apple logo, and some things with.

This is a computer health monitoring software by Micromat. Its powerful computer diagnostic product that is used without being an intrusion to your work. This software mainly observes your schedule and perform testing when your system is idle. Then, it quickly logs results and stays completely out of your way — unless it finds a serious problem. Then it will alert you to the issue and open Micromat Checkmate dashboard so that you can get not only full report of issue, but also read suggested steps that you can take to correct the problem.

DiskWarrior 5 is known as the best utility that solves all of the common problems that you will likely encounter on your Mac. It makes a simple interface to perform the task of making a disk recovery from which you can startup your system, and access the features of DiskWarrior 5. Once completed, you will be able to startup your computer from DiskWarrior recovery disk and run this application.

Since its release in , Drive Genius 5 has been the industry leader for Mac hard drive tools. This is Prosoft Engineering's new product, helps maintain and protect all the important data of your computer. This is mainly designed to prevent hard drive failure. The core features of Drive Genius 5 is automatically includes the monitoring of the performance of all drives. This monitoring system detects potential data corruption and excessive fragmentation on your drives. It will alert you of any possible and logical issues before they become serious problems. This software generally predict drive failure before they occur.

Paragon Rescue Kit is a Linux based bootable recovery environment that will gives you am opportunity to get access to the hard disk for maintenance or recovery purposes in case of its malfunction, a virus attack, or system failure. Its main objective is to avoid data loss by transferring valuable information from a failed hard disk to some other destinations, like a removable drive or network share.

Besides that, it can be used as real alternative to the Mac OS native disk imaging tools. With its help you can easily make a backup of your system or data partitions, and providing the ability to restore it any time you need. This is effectively rebuilds any damaged directory by replacing it with a new one. Besides that, this tool is capable of overcoming a broad range of OSX volume errors. It has not only repaired my PST file but also recovered journals, notes, appointments, contacts and other data's. I am really impressed with this software. It really helped me to recover my lost files from Mac hard drive.

Virus Attack. File System Error.

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Computer won't start up. Corrupted files and access errors. Multiple apps quitting unexpectedly. Bad Sectors Exists On Storage device. External device Improper Working.

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Other unknown reasons. Step 1 : Select a disk or volume in the sidebar, then click on First Aid button. Step 2 : If disk utility tells you that disk or volume is about to fail, then you have to back it up and replace it.

phaeza.tk Step 2 : Then you have to click on the Disk Utility, and tap continue. Step 3 : In the sidebar select the disk that you want to repair. Click on the First Aid button.

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Click Run. Backup data You should always try copy and paste all files from the corrupt external hard drive to another destination. Invalid Key length. Invalid Volume File count. Invalid Volume directory count. Invalid volume free block count, and likewise. Rebuilds the damaged volume directory.